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Adidas Shoes For Women

This is my favorite and lovely shoes for my girlfriend.Almost two years ago my new girlfriend give as a gift this shoes and I also give her a locket as a gift.About five weeks ago I go with very lovely days in my mind.I like this shoes very much.If you are want to know about to my future that What am I gonna to do in my future so give your comments and let you know and manage my life.Thanks for accept me.

Adidas Shoe for women
Adidas Shoe for women
Adidas Shoe for women With Red Color
Adidas Shoes for Women
Adidas Shoe for women very beautiful

New in: statement necklaces

I love the fact that a bold necklace can make an outfit. I have already collected quite a few pieces myself. The trick is keep it simple and let the neck piece steal the spotlight!
These are my newest additions to my collection:
1. Coosy
2. H&M trend
3. Romwe
4. Monki


How are you? Sorry about my lack of posting but I had a busy week with my studies and work, so bare with me please:)
My look of the day: the coat, necklace and ring are from VJ-style, the leather skirt is vintage, the hat is from H&M, the bag is from my vintage shop Fashionzenvintage and the shoes are from Burberry.

At the moment, I am still obsessing with the pink Isabel Marant Willow sneakers, especially when I saw them passing by again a couple of times at NYFW! They are sold out almost everywhere anyone knows where I can find them?

Stéphanie - Grand Palais - Paris

Stéphanie - Grand Palais - Paris - Photo by Easy Fashion Fred

Elena Perminova - FW - Paris

Elena Perminova - FW - Paris - Photo by Easy Fashion Farid

Ulyana Sergeenko - FW - Paris

Ulyana Sergeenko - Fashion Week - Paris - Photo by Easy Fashion Fred

Miroslava Duma - FW - Paris

Miroslava Duma - FW - Paris - Photo by Easy Fashion Fred